Dagard Join the Purever Group

The French company DAGARD which was founded in 1951 and specialises in design, production and installation of innovative solutions for insulation and protection of goods and people (Coldrooms, Isothermal Constructions and Cleanrooms), has been purchased by the Purever Group.

We welcome 800 new partners into our group of 17 companies currently operating in over 30 countries and supplying the world with Coldroom, Cleanroom and Isothermal solutions.

Purever understands the fast-paced, highturnover nature of the industries it operates in and has a proven track record of delivering, leading to high retention of customers and repeat business.

The integration of Dagard into the Purever partnership will allow the sharing of partner expertise and knowledge of products across the UK operation, bolstering the options available to its UK and European clients. Here at Purever UK, we look forward to working closely together.

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